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Thank you NG Gods!

2007-11-24 06:54:54 by Hadriani

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I just noticed that 2 of my songs are under the Audio Portal's All-time Top Scoring!! w00t!
I can't really express my happiness! I love it that now more people will listen to my songs and such I will get more hints & tips, causing me to improve my music! :3

Furthermore I want to thank all the people that given me advice and gave me the chance to learn some of the basics of making music.

There's also a new tune up so if anyones feels like it, listen to is and let me know what you think, ya? I love them reviews n_n


Thank you NG Gods!


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2007-11-24 07:20:26

"Making tunes with FL"

may i ask what this "FL" is?

Hadriani responds:

Fruity Loops, a quite basic music making program.


2007-11-24 13:28:14

i'll go see them now.


2008-03-21 17:32:27

nice songs =) Keep on pumpin em out!


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